Monday, March 10, 2008

How Much Are You Worth in Bed

It says that estimations based on averages taken from advertised male and female private escort sites (which is $211.74783209012). Hardly to believe, still funny...

This Gigolo-meter consists of 20 questions, every question has five options to choose from. By the end your results are compared to the estimated average. You may add the badge with your gigolometrics to your site as well:

That is one goog trick to bring additional traffic to (celebrity porn site), because the idea of "Im worth xxx in bed" is actually funny.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stupid ideas make stupid amounts of money

Why do Stupid sites earn so much? - that was the actual title of a thread at Digitalpoint forum.

I am asking this question seriously. Why do most of the stupid sites like perezhilton, cheezburger and many more earn so much even though they don't offer a great content? I really want to know why so many stupid sites are successful? How did they promote their sites and get such a huge following and visitors?

The 1st thought was: do they?

The second one - yes, that is 100% true.

Stupid photographs, silly videos, stumbling titles and crazy ideas are (were and always will be) the best way to bring everyone's attention. 

Consider this:
Why do many people with high IQ like stupid comedy?
Will you resist from clicking the dumbest link in a history just to check how stupid it is?

Attention in Internet means traffic, traffic means money.  

Because the stupid sites are owned and run by very smart people.

I have to disagree with that one, though it sounds like a perfect answer to the question. Too many stupid sites around Web, not too many smart people around the Globe.

Sometimes it is the luck issue...

However, very often smart people make stupid websites just because they are aware of their effectiveness. for example gets roughly 9,000 a week in adsense alone, which makes the hole idea of the project not stupid at all.

Allright, if it's true that you gotta produce the most stupid e-idea to become the richest motherfucker on the planet Earth, here is my try - Stupid ideas always bring traffic blog about the most effective stupid projects around the Internet.

That's not all. I made up with the most stupid domain for this blog which is

Digg my ass if you think it is dumb, digg my ass if you think it is not, digg my poor smart ass and make me stupid rich!